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Accessing and using in any way this website, you are accepting that:

This website contents images, texts, ideas.
The purpose is the presentation and trading of the ViGuera's artworks.
ViGuera = Viorel Guliciuc is the unique copyright owner.

The use in any way of any element is permitted only with his agreement.
Any unauthorized action will be punished by the law.

The customer is buying a unique variant of an artwork.
"Unique" means: by the combinations of effects, colors and technologies.
He also could buy the whole series of an artwork = all the variants.
In this case he has exclusivity.
For exclusivity the price is established by negotiations.
The customer could sell himself the others variants of that artwork.

Only the customer has the right to give a name to an artwork.
If he has exclusivity, that name will be forever.

ViGuera keeps the right to display thumbnails of the sold artworks.
He will do that in a manner making their use by others inutile.

The confidentiality of our client is guaranteed (if he not wishes other way).

The matte (passé partout), the frame and the framing are free of charge.
The customer is paying only for the artwork and for the shipping.
The payment will be made at delivery or in advance (10 % bonus).

The artworks bought will be delivered in the shortest possible time.
The technologies used are determining the delivery time (ask 4 details).
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